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  • The Cloud Barometer 2015

    With almost 8 out of 10 businesses already using cloud in some form, enterprises are looking at what their next steps should be. Our Cloud Barometer explores how enterprises are using cloud today and what their plans are tomorrow.

    Vodafone Cloud Barometer
  • A Ready Business has total control of its cloud

    With Vodafone Hybrid Cloud you get total control of your cloud and you'll be able to move the workloads around seamlessly with our self-service portal, allowing you to flex your infrastructure to match your precise business requirements.

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  • The cloud is the ultimate place to do business

    Our award-winning cloud and hosting services bring you simplicity in a complicated world. Find out what we can do for you.

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  • What does our Director have to say?

    We’re expanding our global footprint to help you move to the cloud. 

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  • Helping your enterprise work as one

    See how our cloud and hosting services can help your enterprise work as one.

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  • We’ve got everything you need from your future IT services in one place

    Vodafone's enterprise-class cloud and hosting solutions enable your transition to a more flexible and cost efficient IT infrastructure that is ready for growth.

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Transform the way you operate
by moving to the cloud

You know us as the world’s leading fixed and mobile communications provider. But did you know we can also offer secure and flexible cloud and hosting services? We have everything national and global enterprises need to operate more efficiently and productively.

With Vodafone, you can move to the cloud, transform the way you operate and leave complexity and confusion behind.